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Tailwind UI Templates [All-access]


Staff member
Aug 20, 2022
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What’s included​

When you purchase an all-access license, you get access to everything. Every component example, every production-ready website template, and everything we ever add to Tailwind UI in the future.
There's no recurring subscription and you never have to pay for any updates. You just pay once, and get access to all of our Prémíùm Tailwind CSS resources forever.

Built for production​

Easy to customize — everything is styled with utility classes, directly in the markup. No configuration variables or complex CSS to wrestle with, just open the markup in your editor and change whatever you want.
Keyboard accessible — everything we build is keyboard accessible, and we carefully craft the markup to deliver the best screenreader experience we know how.
Built by the Tailwind CSS team — you can trust that all of the code is written following Tailwind CSS best practices, because it’s written by the same team who created and maintain the framework.
Production-ready — our components and templates are rigorously tested in the latest versions of all browsers, and handle lots of edge-cases you might easily miss yourself.

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