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  1. F

    Help Discover music

    I have a question if anoyone knows this app and if it's possible a mod Prémíùm for this app, it's good to find new music, try new tastes, etc Finally if there are other alternatives to discover new music let me know please!
  2. reyna


  3. L

    Help Need help with program language

    I don't know if this forum it''s ideal to post this i have problems to learn new language in this case php, i need help and learn more with this beautiful language, i understand it's difficult but i put all the interest to know all someone if can help me :_) Edit: if this post don't comply the...
  4. V

    Help Newbie here! Can someone help me with an iptv access?

    Hello guys! As been said, Im new here and I dont know how things going on here much. I am looking for a stable iptv service if someone know. and in general how can I see content in this forums without posting in the requests section? thanks!
  5. reyna

    HELP! newbie here ♥

    Can anyone give me a access to shared netflix please :(
  6. N

    Help help!!! read it its important

    hello everyone a few days ago i downloaded (filmora) who @Ken post it here So I ran the file and then it crashed my laptop and I got a blue screen with stop code (system license violation) and it restart him self even it was not in the safe mode so after trying for 1 day so I gave up and I...
  7. F

    Help Help handling cookies

    I have never even heard about cookies used in this way before i came here to DML, and i love it!:-) I just dont know how to do, and i want to learn it the best way and safely. Hope someone can point me in the right direction, or just teach me? If i missed a thread in here, i do apolygize!
  8. abyssner

    Help Help

    good evening, sorry boss but I download the various accounts Paramount Disney etc but it doesn't work for me, I'm not making any mistakes, can you teach me please, thanks
  9. N

    Newbie with IpTv please help.

    Hello to all. I'm really frustrated with the IpTv. I try to play om my Samsung Tv,I have installed IPTvplayer and added 1 playlist. That is the only 1 that works......... I see a lot of guys that share different links for Iptv,the problem is that I have no clue how can I add a link wich has a...
  10. DogeElon

    Help closed